Attacks and pressures against Armenian judicial system, judges and the Constitutional Court is a grave cause of concern.

It is deeply disappointing to observe how Armenian Prime Minister and the ruling party announced about democratic values and institutions, independence of judiciary, ban of political persecution, but in reality, they have counter motivations. Their personal interests oppose the public gain and national interests.

It is evident that the adjudication of the March 01 case will not uncover who is responsible for the death of 10 people. This is not a case to investigate March 01 deaths, but rather a fabricated case and political persecution against the first President of Nagorno-Karabagh and the second President of the Republic of Armenia to keep him behind bars at any cost. Not only the ruling party did not condemn trial court’s rejection to consider Constitutional Court’s decision, but they even welcomed a lower court disregard of Supreme Court’s judgment. Under this circumstance we are left with no choice but to conclude that President Kocharyan is a political prisoner. Moreover, the recent detentions will empower the ruling party to rely on even more repressive means to reach its various goals.

This illegal process is not simply a matter of Armenia’s reputation. It has real implications for many of us. We already see attempts to undermine the public service of our military and army. We are confident that this situation will be criticized both by the international institutions, European Court of Human Rights and our allies, as well as continue dividing our nation.

We urge the government and the ruling party to immediately stop these unconstitutional activities and abstain from these anti-national efforts. We urge the judiciary to stay true to their mission of administering justice and to change Robert Kocharyan’s detention. Otherwise, they will face a responsibility. We are certain that release of Mr. Kocharyan will facilitate reunification of our nation and address the divisiveness we are facing today. Armenia today needs internal stability and peace more than ever.

We urge our compatriots, our leader and the ruling party to unite around the important national issues. If we do not wake up now, the survival of two Armenian states will be at stake.

The statement was signed by (in alphabetical order)

Aghvan POGHOSYAN - Head of Civil Platform Initiative,

Aghvan VARDANYAN - Politician,

Alexander MANASYAN - Corresponding Member of NAS RA, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,

Alvard BARKHUDARYAN - Journalist,

Alvard PETROSYAN - Writer, Publicist, Honored Art Worker of the RA,

Anna ABRAHAMYAN - Lawyer, Political Analyst /Athens/,

Andranik TEVANYAN – Director, “PolitEconomy” Research Institute,

Anushavan DANIELYAN - Former Prime Minister of the NKR,

Ara ABRAHAMYAN - Double World Champion Greco-Roman Wrestling, Olympic Games Medalist,

Ara DEGHTRIKYAN - Actor, RA Honored Art Worker,

Ara VARDANYAN - Former director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund,

Araik GEVORGYAN - Triple World Champion in Freestyle Wrestling,

Aram AVETISYAN - Political Scientist,

Aram HARUTYUNYAN – Chairman, “Azgayin Hamerashkhutyun” Party,

Arpine HOVHANNISYAN - Former Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, Former Vice President of the National Assembly of the RA, Chairman of the “Legal Education and Control ” NGO,

Ashot MINASYAN - Liberation combatant, Statesman,

David HARUTYUNYAN - Director of the Luys Foundation, former Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia,

David SAHAKYANTS – Movie director-animator, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Armenia,

David SHAHNAZARYAN - 1992-95 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the President of the Republic of Armenia, 1994-95 Head of the National Security Service,

Edik ANDREASYAN - Journalist, Publicist,

Elen ZAQARYAN - Lawyer,

Elinar VARDANYAN - Former Member of the RA National Assembly, Former Chairman of the RA NA Standing Committee on Human Rights, Member of “Alternative Projects Group” NGO,

Eduard SHARMAZANOV - Former Vice President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, Member of the RPA Supreme Body,

Gagik MKRTCHYAN - Honored Journalist of the Republic of Armenia,

Garnik ISAGULYAN – Chairman, “Azgayin Anvtangutyun” Party,

Gayane SEDRAKYAN - Doctor of Information Systems Science in Business Economics /Belgium/,

Georgi POGHOSYAN - Doctor, Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi,

Gegham NAZARYAN - Member of “Alternative Projects Group” NGO, Publicist,

Gevorg GEVORGYAN - Politician, Artsakh War Combatant,

Gevorg HARUTYUNYAN – Analyst,

Gevorg KHACHATURYAN - Political Commentator, Journalist, PhD in History,

Grigor GRIGORYAN - International Expert on Security, RA Chief Health NGO Coalition Leader,

Hayk BABUKHANYAN – Chairman, "Constitutional Law Union" Party,

Hrachya HARUTYUNYAN - Actor, Laureate of the State Prize of the RA, Honored Art Worker of the RA,

Hrant MARGARYAN - Politician,

Karapet POGHOSYAN - Human Rights Activists, President of the “Human Rights Anti-Conflict Center” NGO,

Khosrov HARUTYUNYAN - Chairman of CDU of Armenia, Former Prime Minister of RA, Former Speaker of National Assembly of the RA,

Konstantin TER-NAKALYAN - Editor-in-Chief of BlogNews,

Lilit TUMANYAN - Director of "Armnews FM" Radio Company,

Lia IVANYAN - Writer, Publicist,

Manvel BADALIAN - Former Chairman of the RA Civil Service Council, President of the NGO “Center for the Protection of the Virtue System of Public Service",

Meruzhan TER-GULANYAN - Writer, Publicist,

Menua HARUTYUNYAN - Journalist, Analyst,

Mihdat MADATYAN - Honorary Member of International Academy of Psychological Sciences, Full Member of RF Professional League of Psychotherapists and Inter-Regional Lecturer, NLP Trainer, Psychologist,

Nare AVETISYAN - Lawyer,

Nina MARGARYAN – Political Scientist,

Ogsen MIRZOYAN - Weightlifter, Olympic Champion,

Razmik DAVOYAN - Poet, Public figure,

Robert MELKONYAN - Member of VETO Initiative,

Ruben GRIGORIAN – Journalist,

Ruben HAKOBYAN - Director of “Akunk” Center for Political Analysisy,

Sargis AVETISYAN – Chairman, “Hamerashkhutyun” Party,

Sergey SEINYAN - Orthopedist-Oncologist, Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Participant of Artsakh War,

Siranush SEROBYAN – Representative of Civil Platform Initiative,

Spartak GHARABAKHTSYAN - President of the Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Association Foundation, Writer, Publicist,

Stepan MARGARYAN - Former Member of the RA National Assembly, Member of “Alternative Projects Group” NGO,

Svetlana GULUNTS - Pedagogue, Writer,

Vahan BABAYAN – Chairman, "Reformists" Party,

Vahe HOVHANNISYAN - Former Member of the RA National Assembly, Head of “Alternative Projects Group” NGO,

Vahik OHANJANYAN - Businessman, Investor,

Vahram BARSEGHYAN - Former Head of State Tax Service of the RA,

Vardan BOSTANJYAN - Doctor of Economics, Professor,

Vardges BAGHRYAN - MP of the Republic of Artsakh,

Vitaly BALASANYAN - Hero of Artsakh, Lieutenant General,

Vladimir SARGSYAN - Political Analyst, Head of the Center for Political Programming,

Yervand BOZOYAN - Political Scientist, Political Commentator at the “PolitEconomy” Research Institute,

Zhanna GALSTYAN - Hero of Artsakh, MP of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh,

Zhirayr DADASYAN - Artistic Director of Yerevan State Pantomime Theater, Honored Art Worker of the RA,

Zori BALAYAN - Hero of Artsakh, Writer, Publicist,

Zoya ISKANDARYAN - Deserved Pedagogue of the Republic of Artsakh.

Another 27 representatives of “Alternative Projects Group”, “My Voice”, “Aylentrank” and “Civil Platform” have also left their signatures under this announcement.

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